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Online Craps Is a Refined Game with Great Potential

Craps is a casino game played with 2 dice in land-based casinos. The online version of the game uses random number generators (RNG’s) to determine the throw of the dice. To the novice, craps may appear a little intimidating at first, as it has complicated rules and complex game strategies. It is undoubtedly one of the more sophisticated titles played at the casino, but it is not so difficult to learn. The game can in some ways be compared to chess – the basic rules are easy to grasp, but it takes time and practice to develop the strategies needed to become a proficient player.

The house edge in this game can vary between 0% and 10%. Experienced players can minimize the house advantage by employing smart game strategies. It is wise to keep things simple at first when learning the game, because a lot can be lost very quickly by placing bad wagers. Oddly enough, the opposite is also true – craps players can multiply their bankroll exponentially in just a few rolls of the dice. The possibility to play an exciting all-action game with the chance to win big, is what makes craps a proper choice at the casino. Many of the leading online casinos can offer you variations of the game of Craps.
Online Craps Casino Game

The Basic Rules for Playing Online Craps

Before playing craps for real money, it is strongly advised to learn the basic rules as well as a few beginner betting strategies. There are plenty of resources online to help new players get the knowledge they need. It is also a good idea to practice in free play mode, to get a proper feel for the decision-making tempo at the craps table before risking real cash.

The “Come Out” Stage

The game starts with what is known as the “Come Out” phase. To come out, players bet on the PASS LINE or DON’T PASS LINE. A player wins on the PASS LINE when a 7 or 11 is thrown and loses when the combined value of the 2 dice equals 2, 3, or 12 (craps numbers). The opposite is true to win on the DON’T PASS LINE, 2, 3, 12 win and 1, 11 loses.

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Establishing a Point Number

Any other number that is thrown during the coming out phase (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10) will set a point number. A marker (PUCK) is placed on the decided number, and the second phase of the game commences. In order to win once the point number has been set, a player’s dice throw must be the point number before throwing a 7. The dice are then continually thrown until a 7 or the point number is hit. These are the basic rules to playing craps! The rest of the game entails the different wagers which can be placed while the second phase is in play.

The Basic Strategies for Playing Online Craps

Employing good basic strategies involves placing wagers which increase the probability of a win and thereby minimizing the house advantage. It is beneficial to keep this in mind – when playing craps the chance of hitting specific numbers with two dice can be quite different. It is advisable that you always place a bet on the safest combination, but it all depends on how exciting do you want the game to feel.

1 1 2.78%
2 2 5.56%
3 3 8.33%
4 4 11.11%
5 5 13.89%
6 6 16.67%
7 5 13.89%
8 4 11.11%
9 3 8.33%
10 2 5.56%
11 1 2.78%

Importance of a Proper Strategy

Good craps strategies generally involve placing multiple bets at the same time, in order to minimize the house advantage. Learning good betting strategies will take time and effort. Players new to the game are advised to keep it simple. There are good and bad bets, and quite often players new to the game make the mistake of mixing those. We have provided a comprehensive explanation below.

Which Are the Good Bets?

First off, we start with the Pass Line / Don’t Pass Line bets. Next are Come / Don’t-Come bets, after which are bets involved in combinations. Bets placed on combos (6or8), (5or9), (4or10), Pass/Come, Don’t Pass/Don’t-Come, can prove quite beneficial to your overall strategy, if you’re lucky enough. Last but not least, Place Bets made on 6 and 8 Place Numbers, can also be considered as good. Here’s a mathematical analysis of a game of craps.

What’s Considered A Bad Bet?

Although it might seem quite inviting, bets made in the center section of the table (also known as Proposition Bets), might not be very beneficial. The same goes for the big 6/8. When better odds are given on the 6 and 8 place numbers, chances might not be in your favor. Also, field bet numbers such as 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 and 2, 12 have a high house advantage of 5.56%, so you would definitely like to stay clear of those.

Online Craps Table Layout

Useful Tips for Playing Online Craps

Make sure that the first concepts you should acquaint yourself with, are the various bets, table odds, dice probabilities, and game/casino rules. The next step you should take is to practice online in free demo play before risking real money. After already having some experience in the mechanics of the game, you should find a table with the right bet minimum and play with sufficient Bankroll. Don’t miss the opportunity to take free odds bets when they are offered, as they have zero house advantage. Remember to be disciplined and patient – play with aggression when winning, and more passive on losing runs.

Finding the Best Casinos to Play Craps

Craps is not always the easiest game to find at an online casino. Games which are simple to learn, such as slots and Blackjack, are the most played ones. Many casinos prefer to stick with the more popular games as they are overall more profitable. For this reason, not every online casino will have a craps game available, and even fewer (if any) provide live dealer casino craps online, due to the physical requirements of having to throw the dice.

To a greater extent, finding a casino which offers craps is trial and error, but there are a few things that a player can do to make the process easier. Look for casinos which place a lot of emphasis on table games. Well-established venues with large portfolios have a greater variety of games available. There are only a handful of software game companies who have produced an online version of craps. The main ones are Microgaming, Playtech, IGT, Realtime Gaming, Amaya, and 1X2 Gaming. If you search for any casinos that feature titles from those software developing companies, there will be a good chance that you will find an online craps table.

Conclusion – What Players New to Craps Should Remember

Players interested in casino craps online should take the time to study the game rules and strategies before risking real money. Learning and practicing in demo mode helps a player to become familiar with the right betting strategies and minimize the house edge. Becoming a proficient dice gambler won’t happen overnight, but knowing how to play this fun and exciting casino table game of chance, will offer a player one of the best opportunities to substantially increase their bankroll at the casino.

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