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Red Dog Poker Online Review – How to Play Online

Red Dog Poker, sometimes known as Yablon, is a simple card game thought to have evolved over the centuries from a number of different cultures. It wasn’t until the appearance of the Internet-based casinos, that Red Dog Poker re-emerged from the shadows, revived by software developers who were keen to bring out new and exciting games to the online gambling scene. Although this game resides in the Poker family (hence the name “Red Dog Poker”), there is little to connect Red Dog to some of the more popular Poker variants; with perhaps, the exception of card values.

The Objective and Details of Red Dog

Red Dog is an incredibly easy game to learn which does not require players to understand any complicated rules and betting strategies. The game is played with 3 cards, two of these cards are dealt face up. The aim other the game is to bet on whether the third card has a value which falls in between the values of the two previously dealt cards. If it does, the player wins. The amount won depends on the card spread, meaning the number of card values which lay between the first and second card numbers. For Example, the first two cards dealt are 4 and 7, this means that there are two cards (5 and 6) in-between. It is important to note that the card values work the same way as in Poker, with Jack (11), Queens (12), Kings (13) and Ace High (14). Below, you can see how the payout table looks, check it out.

Where to Play Red Dog Poker Online

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Rules – How to Play

Red Dog Poker Payout Table
1 Card 5 to 1
2 Card 4 to 1
3 Card 2 to 1
4-11 Card 1 to 1
Three of a Kind 11 to 1

The game is normally played using a single deck of 52 cards, although some variations may play using multiple decks. Any number of players can participate in a single game, unless the number of participants is limited by a specific casino. The game begins with the player placing an opening bet, normally anywhere between $1 to $200 depending on the table minimum. When the game begins, the dealer places two cards face up on the table. At this point, there will be three possible outcomes.

The first one is when consecutive cards are drawn such as 4 & 5, leaving no in-between cards and the wager is returned to the player. The second one is when cards of Equal Value appear, for example 5 & 5. When this happens, the dealer will automatically draw the third card. If a card of the same value appears the player wins a “three of a kind” bet at 11 to 1. If different the hand is a push. In the third outcome, the play continues when none of the above happens, and there is a variation between the cards, such as 10 & 5. Here we have a spread of 4 cards in-between and a Red Dog Marker is placed on the table to show the spread (of 4 in this example).

Red Dog Online Poker Table Layout

On seeing the two dealt cards, players will have two choices – it or raise. They can raise by matching the original bet Ante, effectively doubling their Stake. Once a decision has been made, the dealer proceeds to draw the third and final card. If the card number falls inside the first two cards, the player wins at odds depending on the entire card spread. If the third card falls outside of the first two cards, the player loses. After the game has concluded, the cards are typically reshuffled when played on a single deck. After each winning hand, a player has the option to take their gained winnings or leave it on the table for the next hand – commonly known as progressive betting. This is one way of getting around betting limits on a Red Dog game table.

Spread Odds in Red Dog Poker
1 7.7%
2 15.5%
3 23.2%
4 31%
5 38.5%
6 46.5%
7 54.2%
8 62%
9 69.5%
10 77.5%
11 85.2%

Game Tips and Potentially Winning Strategies

Since there is very little decision making involved in Red Dog Poker, there isn’t a great deal a player can do to influence the outcome of a game. There are, however, a couple of points which might help players to be more successful in the long term when playing a series of games. One of those tips is that when playing with more decks, the house edge is lower. Most games are played on a single deck which is shuffled after each hand. This gives a house edge of 3.1%. Playing with multiple decks lowers the house edge down to 2.75% when played on 8 decks.

Deciding when to Raise is important. The only other influence a player has in Red Dog Poker is deciding whether to call or raise the wager before the third card is shown. As the table below shows, there is little advantage to the player in raising with a card spread of 6 or less. Anything less than a 50% chance of winning, favors the house. It makes sense only to raise when the odds of winning are in the player’s favor, which occurs with a 7-card spread or greater.

Casino Red Dog Poker Summary

Red Dog Poker is a fun to play card game of luck, easy to learn and requiring minimal decision-making. Although the game is regarded as a version of Poker, in reality, it has very little association with most other poker games which generally entail a high degree of strategic awareness. A good strategy comes down to making a few simple choices. Because of this, the game sits on the same level as Baccarat, and maybe even Blackjack. Like these two games, a high number of wagers can be made in a short period of time; requiring the player to master a few simple rules to minimize the house edge. Red Dog Poker is a perfect game for gamblers who prefer to play fast and easy casino games of chance.

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