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What Are The Best Providers Of Online Casino Software

Thanks to the rise of the Internet, there are thousands of online casinos nowadays. The demand for new and better games is extremely high and this creates endless opportunities. As a result, many companies managed to build a solid fan base and provide high-quality products for many different gambling operators.

How To Pick The Casinos With The Best Software

Here are a couple of simple rules that will help you pick a casino with good software and a solid overall service:

A Quick Look At The History Of Casino Software

It all started in the 1990s when the first generation of online casinos was launched. The games were quite simple at the beginning, mostly because of the technology at the time. Most operators had around 20-30 products each. Slots, blackjack, roulette, and video poker were the first types of games provided.What kind of software is using by top ten online casinos?
One of the first providers of casino software back then was Microgaming. The company was established in 1994 and is still one of the biggest studios in the industry up to this date. They were powering most of the casinos towards the end of the 20th century.
This is where the big boom of online casinos started and more game developers joined the show. Computers were getting more and more powerful which lead to a dramatic rise in the quality of the casino software. Slots, in particular, benefited greatly from the innovations on the market. The graphics and themes got much better. In terms of gameplay, it wasn’t only about simple slots with a couple of reels and paylines anymore. The new generation of games had cool new features such as exciting side games, free spins, and could reach more than 20 paylines. This attracted even more people and the casino industry now had hundreds of operators and millions of customers from all over the globe.
The next huge step was the advancement of mobile phones and tablets. The powerful microchip processors and the Touch screen technology completely changed the industry. There was a high demand for games available on the go and the developers obliged. Lots of the casino titles were adjusted so they can provide a quality experience compatible with phone and tablets such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.
Another segment of the industry that became widely popular are the casinos with live dealers. Most of the biggest gaming companies in the industry started offering their own products. Others specialized solely in these kinds of products, like Evolution Gaming.

What Types Of Online Casino Platforms Are Available

There are two major types of casino platforms when it comes to desktop play:
Downloadable Casino Clients
Initially, all casinos on the market required you to download and install additional software to play the games. This was the only way to produce a quality experience and products with stunning graphics and gameplay. The negative side of this approach is the extra effort required from the user’s point of view, as well as the disk space taken by the platforms. Also, the operators were restricted to offer titles by only one software provider. However, it gave the developers more freedom and a better environment to create innovative games.
Instant Play Operators
Thanks to the advancement of technology, most casinos nowadays are available for instant play. This means that you can access all of their games directly from their website. Just open it, browse around to find the best game and you’re good to go. It eliminates the whole process of installing additional software and launching it every time. Furthermore, you can open other stuff on your computer and switch between the casino and them. The best thing about instant play casinos is the opportunity to offer games by all kinds of developers. This is the reason why the top operators in the industry have hundreds of titles and constantly launch new ones by the most popular software studios on the market.
There are still some online casino sites that have a downloadable version, but even they offer instant play for most of the games.

What Are The Advantages Of The Top Developers Over The Rest

There are a couple of things that the top providers of online casino software do better than the rest:

Recommended Operators

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What Are The Main Casino Games

There are a couple of different games that attract the most customers in the online gambling industry. Naturally, the developers follow the trends and focus their efforts in the following segments:

What Are The Most Popular Companies?

There are many high-quality developers, but some have earned an exceptional reputation through the years:

Software providers

A Quick Look At The Future

The online casino market is extremely competitive and this works in favor of the customers. Even the largest developers can’t afford to slow down and are always trying to produce better games. With new technologies such as Virtual Reality on the rise, the future of online gambling looks promising.

Final Thoughts

The online casino industry is thriving and game developers are the powerhouse behind it. The platforms of most operators are unreal and just keep getting better in the past 20 years. It’s exciting to see where’s the limit, if there is one.

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