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InstaDebit Online Casinos Review – More Versatile Than Ever

InstaDebit is a popular method of depositing and withdrawing funds at an online casino. It has been around since 2002, initially catering for casino players in Canada and North America. It has significantly expanded in popularity since it was first launched and is now accepted in over 35 countries worldwide – supporting GBP, EUR, and USD. There is a lot of confusion surrounding this payment method. Many people believe this payment method to be an E-Wallet but this isn’t so. When an account holder transfers funds using InstaDebit, they are simply transferring funds directly from their bank account to the merchant safely and securely, rather much like sending a cheque electronically.

Money transferred from a bank account is not held in an InstaDebit account, it is sent directly to the online casino. For this reason, it cannot be considered an E-Wallet in a literal sense. So why use a mediator to transfer money directly from a bank account to the online casino? Simply put, InstaDebit allows the user to make bank transfers without any need to disclose any sensitive banking account data, so users don’t have to worry about identity theft or fraud.
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Online Casinos That Accept InstaDebit – Main Demographic

This payment method was explicitly designed to work with online casinos and has a successful history in the industry doing just that. Many reputable online casinos feature this particular payment method amongst their provided payment options. Because the service is primarily orientated towards customers in Canada, InstaDebit is most commonly found in Canadian online casinos and those that target players from that part of the world. Global online casinos with a broad base of international players also often feature this service, for the benefit of all security-conscious people.

Benefits and Drawbacks of InstaDebit

There are many reasons why a player might want to use InstaDebit to transfer money to and from a casino, but the additional transaction security it provides to the user is a real game changer. As per usual, no money transfer method is perfect, and this one as well has its plusses and minuses. We’ve listed most of them below.

Payments Can Be Made Anonymously

The most significant advantage that players receive using InstaDebit is the ability to deposit and withdraw casino funds without having to reveal their bank details to the online casino in question. Although casino payment security is almost always highly encrypted and very secure, the additional security provided by the payment platform protects depositors from fraudulent use of card details and identity theft.

The Latest Industry Security Standards

InstaDebit uses 128-bit encrypted security in payment transactions and is backed by both Verisign and TRUSTe to regulate secure payment systems. All software and hardware systems of the company are checked and updated on a regular basis to ensure a flawless service.

Very Low Withdrawal Fees

Only a minimal fee is charged in a transfer process, regardless of the amount being withdrawn. This is in stark contrast to other payment withdrawal methods, such as Entropay, which can cost a percentage of the total amount. This is definitely a huge benefit for the players that like to request big payouts and usually have to pay a heavy transfer fee.

Free of Charge and Instant Deposits

As the name suggests, depositing funds into a casino account is virtually instantaneous and utterly free of charge. In addition to this, opening up an InstaDebit account is also completely free! Regular players as well as high rollers often take advantage of this fact, not worrying about the amount of money they want to put into their casino accounts.

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Reverse Withdrawals – A Rare Service in the Industry

Using InstaDebit also provides the option of withdrawing funds back to the depositing bank account. This is at the discretion of a particular establishment, and not all online casinos will permit this option, though the service itself has the facility to process refunds and drawbacks to back to bank accounts. The fact that this feature is available, says a lot of good things about InstaDebit.

Very Few Drawbacks

There are not too many disadvantages to using this method. One of them, is that withdrawing funds back to the InstaDebit account can take anywhere between 3 – 5 days. Although there is a chance that payouts may be instant, this is rarely the case. Another “minus” could be considered the fact that users are required to visit the InstaDebit website and open an account – which takes time and effort.

Using InstaDebit at the Casino

To use this method, a player must first open an InstaDebit account. Opening an account is free and very easy to do. Just head on over to the official website and provide your details along with bank account information. Accounts are available for use instantly as soon as the user verifies their account.

The Process of Making Deposits

To make a deposit with online casinos that accept InstaDebit, the first thing a player needs to do, is visit the cashier section of the chosen casino. After selecting InstaDebit as their preferred payment option, the user will need to log into their payment platform account. After the amount is specified, all that is left is to “approve the deposit”. The transfer will be instantaneous, and the funds will show in the casino account a few moments later.
Deposit and withdrawal money with InstaDebit

Withdrawing Your Winnings

Go to the withdrawals page of the chosen casino. Type in the amount to be withdrawn and submit the information. The funds will be sent to the user’s InstaDebit account and held for further action. The next step is to log into your payment platform account, where a “Withdraw Funds” option will be available. After doing that, a micro-deposit will be made to your bank account within 3-5 days. After this is done, go back to the payment platform’s website and enter the amount of the micro-deposit, and the full withdrawal function will be made available. There will be a minimal fee, based on the amount being withdrawn.

Extra Player Protection from a Trusted Payment Provider

All online casinos provide multiple options to deposit and withdraw cash. In fact, they are so many, that players can be forgiven for not always knowing the best opportunity to choose for their casino banking needs. All methods offer unique advantages and disadvantages, which is also true for InstaDebit. In the end, the best choice will depend on the player’s priorities. For Canadian’s and others looking to try their luck at an online casino, InstaDebit may be the obvious choice.

For anyone concerned about giving their bank details over to an online casino, using this transfer method is also the ideal choice, as it will give players that extra layer of protection which isn’t offered by most payment systems available at an online gambling establishment. This website is a great place to look if you wish to find online casinos that accept InstaDebit. Here, you will find a trusted selection of online casinos that provide all the central payment systems such as VISA, MasterCard, Bitcoin, E-Check, and others.

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